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Humanising brands. Incisive marketing.

Registered as BNM Ltd.




With a career journey spanning three decades and multiple sectors, I have delivered successful transformation programs for a number of brands.

I have experience of multi-nationals (Electrolux, Newell Brands, Coty, Unilever), start-ups and growth-stage companies (e.g. optical, social enterprise, luxury goods, food), and the charity sector (Ramblers) - so I understand a range of business cultures, their dynamics, and the different challenges they can present.

I have a penchant for brands with untold stories and untapped potential for truly immersive customer experiences.


Enjoy working with entrepreneurial, agile leadership teams, and relish the challenge of helping brands and companies keen to lift their game! 


Get in touch if you're looking to give your brand(s) and people wings.


Helping teams grow the value of their brand(s).


Balancing the challenge of short-term profit generation with longer-term value creation.​


Inspiring and guiding teams to make their marketing laser sharp.


Aligning marketing plans to business goals while prioritising and focusing marketing efforts.


Developing and transforming marketing teams.


Ensuring the right team structure and skills to deliver strong and effective plans.


Lars Voekel / Chief Executive Officer / Ambibox GmbH and Vela GmbH

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“James is a director with outstanding analytical skills and a clear view of what he wishes to achieve. With his support we repositioned the AEG brand both in the trade partner's and consumer's eyes. James drove the organisation with high emphatic skills and managed to always deliver ahead of expectations. I recommend James fully."

“I have known and worked with James on numerous projects over the past 10 years. He has always been incredibly creative, innovative, and decisive. He's passionate about marketing and customer innovation and brings a wealth of experience from many years in business. He's fearless in his business approach and his strategic insight is impeccable."

Nigel Hartley / Managing Partner at SHA / CMO at World Wheel Company

“Insightful, consummate champion of brand, focused and incisive, clear thinker, straight talker, someone who makes things happen, someone who has strong opinions but is always open to new ideas, someone whose sense of humour and easygoing personality smoothes the roughest of ways. Anyone who works with him and any organisation that hires him will always be better off for the experience." "

Max du Bois / Executive Director / Spencer du Bois Ltd