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Passionate About Inspiring Success

Born and educated in South Africa, I spent my early career with Unilever in commercial and marketing roles before seeking out the cultural diversity of Europe. Now based in the UK, I have also lived and worked in France, Belgium and Sweden.

Key strengths
Some insights about me
  • Customer and Commercial innovation. Known for successfully translating value propositions into market solutions with strong ROI and category-changing initiatives that reframe customer and brand experiences across all touch points e.g. award-winning social media and advertising campaigns with outstanding visual, experiential, and storytelling content to relaunch and reposition brands into new segments, channels and geographies.

  • Connecting and Inspiring teams. Extensive experience working at the intersection of brand, marketing, product and R&D, delivering a number of successful launch programs across EMEA and the US. This has given me considerable knowledge of building structured approaches across multi-functional teams and winning the support of diverse stakeholders e.g. establishing benchmarks for teamwork, speed to market and best practices for go-to-market planning, implementation and content development.

  • Diverse teams. I have built and led teams comprising a range of functions, including specialist Packaging, Product and Graphic Design, Insight, and eCommerce functions. 

  • Classically trained, but not a typical marketer - as a Unilever graduate trainee, I started as a computer programmer in warehousing and distribution, followed by a stint in internal audit! Taught me customer service bottom up, trouble-shooting skills and a commercial outlook before I even set foot in marketing.

  • Co-founded a canned drink vending business to pioneer concepts in beer vending in the early 90's in South Africa. Partnering with leading sports bars, we didn't quite turn the beer vending idea into a commercial success, but we sold the regular canned soda vending business as a going concern 2 years later. Since growing and selling vegetables to the locals while at high school, the entrepreneurial mindset has always been there!

  • I am known for 3 things: a fearless leader, not afraid to tackle tough issues; an innovator focused on customer experiences, and a change agent always looking to do things better. 

When I'm not thinking of the next customer experience, I can be found

  • Travelling and hiking with my wife and two sons. Too many adventures, too little time.

  • Haggling with traders over a mask or selling a rare Stephen King novel.

  • Helping my sons with running programs (and sometimes making a guest appearance :)