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Humanising brands. Incisive marketing.

Registered as BNM Ltd.



I work as an interim marketing director, helping business leaders future proof their brands.

With a career journey spanning b2b and b2c sectors, I have delivered successful transformation programs for multi-nationals (Electrolux, Newell Brands, Coty, Unilever), smaller growth-stage companies (Adlens, Mercator, Simonsberg Cheese), and the charity sector (Ramblers).

As a hands-on marketer, constantly looking to improve customer experiences and build sustainable value, I relish the challenge of helping brands and companies wanting to lift their game!



Helping teams grow the value of their brand(s).


Balancing the challenge of short-term profit generation with longer-term value creation.​


Inspiring and guiding teams to make their marketing laser sharp.


Aligning marketing plans to business goals while prioritising and focusing marketing efforts.


Developing and transforming marketing teams.


Ensuring the right team structure and skills to deliver strong and effective plans.


How I Can Help You grow your bUSINESS

I work on an interim full-time or part-time basis.

Depending on the needs of your business, this can vary in duration from a few months to +12 months, working 3-5 days a week.

Critically, I am hands-on. Meaning any solution I propose, I will develop and implement together with your leadership team.

The range and scope of activities will vary, but whether it's bridging knowledge gaps, launching a new product/service or finding new marketing solutions, your customer will be the start and end point in the process.


“James is a director with outstanding analytical skills and a clear view of what he wishes to achieve. With his support we repositioned the AEG brand both in the trade partner's and consumer's eyes. James drove the organisation with high emphatic skills and managed to always deliver ahead of expectations. I recommend James fully."

Lars Voekel / Chief Executive Officer / Ambibox GmbH and Vela GmbH

"James proved to have a very strong sense of Marketing Planning and execution based on strategic intent balanced with challenges in the market. In other words; strong conceptually and with a drive to go for results. He has proven to consistently have the consumer in focus whilst not neglecting the retail dimension, something that is essential in our trade."

Martin Hedstrom / VP Product Marketing / Electrolux

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