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Humanising brands. Incisive marketing.

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I start with your customer and end with your customer.

Everything I focus on will aim to really understand them, how to reach them and ensure their experience with your business is as positive as it can be. If only we had a magic pill for this.


If you don't really know who they are and what they're looking for, you’re likely wasting time and effort on all your other activities. Essentially throwing good money after bad.

The market and your customer might also have moved on, and where your product or service might previously have met their needs, now they don't. The constant challenge to evolve and stay relevant.


I will ask pesky questions.

My favourite's are 'Who owns the customer experience' and 'Who has ownership of your brand'.

There are rarely clear answers to these two questions. And this ambiguity will impact everything from your company culture to how your customer perceives you. Ultimately, it will impact your bottom line.


I get under the skin of your business and brand(s).

A brief to resolve problem X is one thing. To fully understand the context, potential solutions and how they can be implemented, necessitates working closely with all stakeholders (both internal and external). Hands-on in development, test-and-learn all the way through to final execution. This can only be achieved working as an integral part of the in-house team. 


I will inspire your team.

Inspiring people involves many dimensions. From a belief (and enthusiasm) in what you're trying to do to an array of team leadership skills. I inspire and bring clarity to teams - big picture and dream, broken down into the why and how to get there, and the role of the team in delivering. 

I am known for creating an environment of ownership and proactivity - instilling a 'can do' attitude by promoting the belief every individual can make a difference.