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The UK business was heavily reliant on price discount promos, with most brands and product lines running a price-related promotion at any one time. The teams were caught up in an endless cycle of tactical, last minute promotions with poor preparation and little or no link to other marketing activation. No KPIs were set and no post-promotion analysis made.

My challenge was to break this mindset and quickly establish a new approach, allow the teams collective ownership and pride, and inspire them to raise their game in time for the new fiscal.

What I did:
  • Reduced and aligned promotional activities to strategic focal points in the marketing plan giving them a clearer reason for being, with quantifiable targets.

  • Established a formal promotional program process with a defined (20-week) development critical path.  The focus was to ensure earlier and more in-depth planning and preparation, clear and formalised Go/No Go decision gateways (via a steering committee) and formalised communication of decisions across the organisation.

  • Reduced complexity and improved focus. Promotions reinforced key selling messages enabling commercial teams to proactively engage with trade customers and minimise conversations based solely on price.

  • Significantly improved early-stage sell-in to trade and on-time delivery of promotions (+80%), resulting in greater acceptance by retail partners (+30%) and an increase in their reciprocal support activities (e.g. activation of digital assets, complementary customer activities).

  • Performance measurement. By integrating the role of promotions into the overall marketing plan delivery, qualification criteria were clearer, setting targets became easier and measurement more robust.