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why interim

why interim OR PART-TIME

Do you need to kick start or grow a business, upskill a junior team, launch a new product, ensure continuity during a maternity absence, deliver a business-critical project?

Or perhaps you just cannot afford the cost of an experienced full-time Marketing Director.

Here's why you would opt for bringing onboard an experienced interim or part-time Marketing Director:

  1. Seniority and a proven track record to get on with it. No handholding required.

  2. Know-how and operational experience. They've been there.

  3. Balance strategic thinking and planning with tactical actions. They understand the demands of day-to-day business.

  4. Part of the internal team (not a remote agency or consultant). They are hands-on and get stuff done.


Discover some of the many benefits of having a proven part-time Marketing Director on your team...


Typical areas where tangible results can be delivered for your business:

  • finding marketing solutions that link ideas to business priorities.

        Tapping into business and customer insight will not only better inform ideas, but also help develop relevant                           marketing solutions with strong ROI.


  • Improving customer knowledge/insights and experiences.

        Better knowledge and understanding of customers = opportunities. Key areas covered are: analysing existing                        customers and/or identifying new one's, understanding their decision-making process/path to purchase, and                        identifying the key touchpoints where their experience can be improved.

  • Sharpening or creating Value propositions.

        No matter how clever your marketing is or how much money you spend, if your offer is not understood and does not            resonate with your audience, they are unlikely to buy it. 

  • Developing and taking a product/service to market.

        In addition to ensuring a structured end-to-end launch process, attention is given to critical success areas such as                embedding customer-centric thinking from the outset and involving all stakeholders throughout the process.

  • Building and developing an effective marketing team with the right mindset and skills.

        The profile of a skilled marketing team is not a cookie cutter exercise. Whether full-time, part-time or outsourced, it              should custom fit the needs of the business, and be flexible and adaptable to short-, medium- and long-term                        demands.

  • Marketing planning and delivery.

        Marketing plans need to align with and support execution of the business plan. Establishing a company-inclusive,                robust process and timeline is one of the key elements to building a good marketing plan. Others involve clear                    direction/goals, ownership, and proactivity - all key to delivering effective marketing.